NATURAL MINERAL WATER - is there a difference?

According to the EU Mineral Water standards, the water must be bottled directly at source, may not be blended with other waters and may not be filtered through osmotic process nor supplemented with minerals or chemicals (which would else be "table water"). As clean and natural as OASIS water is, it may bear the name "Natural Mineral Water". If this is important to you, keep it in mind when purchasing Mineral Water - you will also taste great difference!


The Mineral Water for the WUMA power drink is taken directly from a stream flowing through volcanic rock formations deep underground. The source is situated in the northern area of the Erongo Mountains. The balanced content of minerals is typical for its soft, neutral taste. It is a "Quality A"-water according to worldwide laboratory tests, and therefore suitable even for infants & children. Carbonated it becomes one of the most refreshing drinks of all time.